What do the students think about how this course has helped them in the Workplace?

What do the students think about this course ?

I asked my students to write an article to reflect on how The Certificate in Dental Implant Nursing Course NEBDN has helped them and continues to help them support the clinician and patient and when nursing for Dental Implant treatment. I also asked the students to think about how they interact as a team during Implant treatment procedures.

Gemma is one of my current students and she has given me permission to post her article to help give you an insight to the knowledge and understanding that she has gained from this training so far.

Wisdom Staffing Solutions is a fully accredited Course Provider for the NEBDN. You can find out more about the course on this website or email [email protected].

"So if I was asked, 'Why are you bothering to do the NEBDN certificate in Dental Implant Nursing?' As we all know qualification is not necessary for a nurse to assist with dental implant surgery. I decided to take this on as personal development for myself but also I believe it shows dedication to best practice as an individual and to the practice you are working with. I have nursed for implants for years and we do a lot of implants at the practice I am at now, our implant dentist is very much into further education and is currently completing his masters in implantology, so I have had great support from him to get this qualification, this really helps as they do need to play a part in the case studies that are required to show a real understanding of all procedures.

I am a real multitasker at my current practice, I do reception, nursing, Invisalign/ortho co-ordinator and I am developing the TCO role. I have found the course so far a really good reminder of how much we had to learn when I qualified as a nurse years ago (The anatomy is as scary as ever!!). As I get involved quite a lot in the patient journey from the first new patient consultation, having the extra knowledge the course is teaching me on the finer details of implantology gives me a real confidence boost when discussing options with the patient. Also being able to answer questions I may have struggled with before give's me a great sense of job satisfaction and gives the patient confidence that (this girl really does know what she is talking about). Not just a pretty face with a sucker!!! It has also highlighted the value of what happens at each stage with treatment planning and consent and how vital it is to the patients' journey on so many levels.

On completion of the course, I will then be assisting our dentist with implant planning and consent for all our cases. This, of course, means more pennies!!! (Another worthwhile reason to get started with the course).

Unfortunately, nursing wages have always been poor and certainly not a fair representation of the hard work we do, along with the CPD etc. All I can say is we do this job because we enjoy looking after people, sometimes you have to go over and above to get recognition and hopefully the rewards will follow It has been a little scary at times going through the modules on the course as it's been some years since I picked up a textbook, Suzanne the course tutor is always on hand to help and answer even the daftest of questions when you are doubting your capabilities.

No regrets from me.


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