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This course is suitable for GDC registered dental nurses who assist clinicians with the placement of Dental Implants.You will be required to complete the Role of Competence which is carried out in the workplace
There are 16 modules containing theory and some assessments ; followed by revision modules in the form of MCQ and EMQ and Mock exams
The Course fees do not include the ROC fees NEBDN £195


The Certificate in Dental Implant Nursing qualification sets a very high standard of education in this relatively new, yet rapidly growing, area of dentistry. 

This exciting course aims to provide standardised and quality assured learning with an NEBDN accredited Course provider. 

The course follows the NEBDN syllabus 


It is suitable for GDC registered dental nurses who assist clinicians with the placement of Dental Implants.

  • The theory for the course is conducted online bi-weekly
  • Students will be able to attend virtual led sessions for tutor support if extra help is required ( a fee may apply)
  • Students will complete a detailed Record of Competence as evidence of their practical experiences in their clinical environment.
You will be supplied with an individual timetable with target dates for completion of assessments and ROC
You will need a supervisor and witness who is  GDC registered and qualified with implant placement and restoration or Dental implant nursing 
Your Witness must be prepared to give constructive feedback on any procedures that they witness you carrying out and be prepared to support you with all aspects of the ROC.
The Witness will receive a handbook as a guide to support them with this .

To decide if this course is right for you, more information can be found on https://www.nebdn.org/qualifications/http://

By the end of the course, students should achieve the following:

  • Gain a Nationally recognised qualification awarded by NEBDN in Dental Implant Nursing

  • 51 hours Verifiable CPD

  • Develop essential skills such as communication and teamwork

  • Discuss treatment planning options and potential contra-indications to treatment

  • Discuss implant surgical and restorative procedures as well as complications that can arise

  • Undertake a written examination to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of dental implant nursing

  • Demonstrate competency in assisting with various Dental Implant procedures through completion of a portfolio.

What you can expect:

  • In line with NEBDN guidelines we will be teaching students ‘Best Practice’ Standards

  • Students must be allowed access to all the patient requirements of the RoC. This may require allowing students to attend a colleagues practice from time to time, as necessary

  • Successful completion of the RoC will require support from the workplace throughout the training course.

Training Assessment Structure and Student Guidance:
 We strive to do all we can to help students pass their exams, below outlines the procedures we have in place to ensure that all students benefit from constant assessment throughout their training and that they are confident and ready when it is time to sit the exams.
The exam can take place at the Manchester NEBDN centre or in Burnham Buckinghamshire (tba)
Exams take place twice a year in March and September

Application form
-There is a learning needs section on the application form for a student to identify any additional support they feel they may need before beginning the course, this will then be
discussed via a telephone conversation with the course tutor. All information is kept strictly confidential. If students require extra time in their final examination a report must be provided to our training centre at the earliest convenience preferably before the start of the course.
 Literacy test
This is completed upon entry to the course. A literacy test shows us you are ready to start your training and that all students within that cohort are at a similar level of understanding.
 Record of Competencies (ROC)
These are compulsory for and are supplied by the NEBDN to students to complete. Mentors, tutors and the internal moderators are all involved with checking the students ROC to ensure a high level of understanding by the student is achieved. It is the responsibility of the student’s employer to allow adequate time for the student to complete any ROC within work time and to guide them where needed if they are funding the course for their employee.
Mock exams 
These are carried out, online,during the course, Students are then given individual feedback with their results, they are compulsory to assess if students are eligible to be entered for the final examination
Student progress reports
These are sent to the Mentors throughout the duration of the course
Clinical Workplace reports
The supervisor will be required to submit a clinical workplace report on request

Students will be expected to source the following:
Post-Registration Qualification in Dental Implant Nursing Reading List

• Implant Dental Nursing book by Suzanne Morkus and Ulpee R. Darbar

• Implant Dentistry at a Glance 1st Edition book by Francis Mora, Jacques Malet, and Philippe Bouchard

• Implant Dentistry at a Glance 2nd Edition book by Francis Mora, Jacques Malet, and Philippe Bouchard

• GDC Documents:

• Standards

• Scope of Practice

• Continuing Professional Development

• Fitness to Practice


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